LexADR in Association with Chambers of Ratan K. Singh Presents

International Arbitral Award Writing Competition.

Award writing is most important aspect of arbitration. Everybody who wants to pursue arbitration as a career option should learn the art of award writing. This competition is unique in this sense and I wish all the success to this initiative.

Mr. Ratan K. Singh

Award writing is a skill that can be learned, practised, improved and refined. A well-structured award enhances clarity and conciseness, and helps ensure that the reasoning process is complete. The International Arbitral Award Writing Competition aims to inculcate the qualities of critical thinking and analysis and further seeks to promote skills of interpretation and application of legal concepts to facts and drafting arbitral award.


Eligibility Criteria


Any student from a recognised Law College or University may participate in the Competition;

  • 5-years course law student

  • 3-years course law student

  • LL.M. course student.


No restriction is placed on the number of students representing from each university/ institution.

Individual participation as well as participation in a team of two i.e. co-authorship is allowed.



  1. The winner shall be awarded 4500 + Certificate of Merit

  2. The runner-up shall be awarded 2500 + Certificate of Merit

  3. The second runner-up shall be awarded 1500 + Certificate of Merit

  4. Shortlisted awards will be published with the name of author(s) on the website of LexADR.

  5. Certificate of Merit would be awarded to the top ten participants excluding top three.

  6. Certification of participation will be given to all the participants

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